Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daylight Savings

I just realized that there have been gigs every Sunday night for like the last month, and Sunday night gigs to come for weeks into the future. HAS SUNDAY REPLACED FRIDAY AS THE ULTIMATE NIGHT OF JAMS? In reverse order, this last weekend was a show at the State Theater in Ann Arbor with Wiccans, Perpetual Dusk At Curtsy Caverns and a shadow puppetry show by Patrick Elkins. There was a show there in the 90's I think with Couch and Quintron, but I missed it. I heard the bass drum kept sliding down the slanted stage, which makes sense cause even the bongos I was playing were kinds slippin' down the slope. On Friday Damned Dogs did an amazing show with our friends High Places from LA, sullied only by the fact that we played through the PA they were traveling with and somehow fried the tweeters within the first few songs of our set. It all worked out in the end, and they even played some super early songs for an encore.
 Jeremy's sweater is pretty sick!

Oh, Sunday before last I did a solo show with Annie Palmer, Anna Vogelzang and Nick Painter at the tattoo parlor. Mellow and joyous vibe on Daylight Savings day, following a super productive fake spring day in the fall. I'm finishing a solo record, soon I will post some pictures and rough songs. Shelley says I should call it "Kuma" because it sounds like "Zuma" by Neil Young.

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